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      Does anyone make an aftermarket one?

      I see DT Swiss makes a RWS in 10mm, I was just wondering if there were any other options. One of my projects this winter will be to convert my Forte Loco (which I think has a NovaTec rear hub) over to 10mm axle versus standard QR/skewer, which I hate with a passion.

      I’d like it to stay QR-style, but if I have to go solid axle with nuts, I will. What have other people come across?

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      Are the Loco rear hubs convertible? I know the fronts are with the adapters but I was under the impression that the rear was set for a 9mm QR. I have a set of them and I’d just go look at them myself for you but I let a friend borrow them. Let me know what you find out. I used them for rough riding and a 10mm TA in the rear would feel nice to stiffen things up a bit and not have to break out the wrench every time I wanted to remove the wheel.

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      Well, the rear isn’t "officially" convertible to 10mm TA, but I have a feeling it can be done by replacing the axle cones with some wheels mfg parts. I will take photos/do a writeup when I tackle the conversion. Novatec is a common Taiwanese hub, therefore lots of different parts are compatible.

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      Definitely interested to see what you find out. I’ve never had a reason to take mine apart and service it but now I’m really wishing I had so I’d know how it’s set up internally. I’m pretty sure that it uses sealed bearings which may also need to be replaced along with the "axle cones" so it can fit a 10mm axle. After that though, it may be a real simple swap.

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      Yep, I think you’ve got it…mine is still on my bike…but once the season wraps up, this will be a project I’ll tackle. The new forte xenduro comes with a 10mm TA, and the hubs are very similar.

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