100mm to 160mm fork and 29 to 27,5 wheel custom

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      Is it good idea to upgrade my fork from 100 to 160 and in the same Time to change my front 29 to 27,5 wheel

      Will I benefit from 27,5 wheel front?

      Any idea what will be the finals heights change to bike geometry?


      I have a cross-country KTM racepro 2013




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      No one has replied, so I will.


      That’s a horrible idea. Horrible. Your bike wasn’t designed to jump from 100mm to 160mm. Simply no way to make it happen on that frame and still have a reasonably functional bike. And to mullet your bike, putting 27.5 on the rear might work. On the front?? Another horrible idea. And if I may ask, why would you want a 160mm fork on an XC bike to begin with? To accomplish exactly what?

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      Most bikes can tolerate 10mm extra, no more.  Buy a new bike if you’re looking to move to a big travel bike!  Wheel size change is also unlikely, only bikes with specific designs can tolerate changing wheel size.  ZipHead is 100% correct.  Even if you could, the geometry would suck for a big hit bike.

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