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      So who runs it?

      I just decided to try it this year on my Dawg. Removed the 22T and installed a 64BCD BBG Bashguard in it’s place, and already have a 104BCD bashguard in lieu of the 44T. Just got an unramped/unpinned 32T Salsa ring to install in the middle.

      People like ’em? I’ve been 2×9 since ’04ish, but found I use the 22T so infrequently.

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      Fat people in hilly areas love the 22. If any girls are coming I’ll shift up to 32 and pretend I’m adjusting something and act like I’m on "TOP" of the gear. Just confessing. 😄 Later,

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      I hear ya, there a few climbs that warrant it around here, but I may try an 11-34 cassette to ease the long, steep climbs. I’ve also considered getting one of those ‘special’ 104BCD 30T rings. But, they are expensive. I’m just going to try to get stronger instead of spending more $$$.

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      You don’t have a link for that 104bcd 30 tooth do you 8valve,I might be interested being a 300 plb. Clyde.

      Hey Billy,it’s not how fat you are but how much you weigh,just sayin,,later… 😛

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      steve32300, I guess fat is as fat does. I just get tired of everytime there is a fire the guys on the truck keep trying to hook the hoses to me. Full figured is full figured, as long as I don’t get a run in my spandex I’ll be ok. Full figured is fast down hill thanks to our sponsor MOMENTUM!!! 😄 Later,

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      Ain’t that the truth Billy,I just go faster than other people downhill as if possessed,hahahahaah

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      Steve, go to http://andersenmachine.com/

      He machines them on a CNC in his garage. He can build all sorts of different rings.

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      Thank you 8valve,them ARE expensive aren’t they…

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