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"fleetwood" wrote

[quote="ltud":my5ymepa]You can buy bashguards that are designed with half-teeth to chew their way over roots.

Man, you must have some gnarly roots where you ride if your bash guard is hitting them.[/quote:my5ymepa]

You don’t know the half of it lol.

I actually don’t hit my (36T) bashguard a whole heck of a lot, maybe once a ride, and usually on rocks. I used to hit my (44T) big ring a lot though.

"fleetwood" wrote

[quote="ltud":my5ymepa]There’s also a new product which is a hard rubber bashguard that acts as a third tire almost, allowing your bashguard to have some traction on wet roots and rocks.

I think Goo highlighted one of these in a recent write up.[/quote:my5ymepa]

That must have been where I saw it, that Otter thing he went to 😀