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I like to mountain bike, and road ride, and spin, and none of them are quite like the other. 😃

Spinning is good fitness activity especially during the frequent rain and wet trail/road conditions.

I thought spinning would be a lot like road riding but a couple differences came to light immediately:
a) The wheel of the spinning bikes at the gym are heavy and carry a strong rotational momentum that a real bicycle wheel would never have.
b) The spinning bikes at the gym are stable in a way a real bicycle would never be. No side to side rocking. They are built to be very stable and I would work very hard to force one to tip at all. So it doesn’t feel like a real bike ride and I found that encouraged some sloppy balancing and bad habits. It’s easy to get lazy on positioning and balance because that hunk of steel just ain’t gonna budge. Not so the real thing.

I encourage spinning as a fitness tool and an alternative to when trails or road are not accessible. But I have no delusions about it either. I see a lot of spinners in class who wouldn’t know how to ride a bike at all if it weren’t nailed to gym floor, with techno music blaring. LOL