Re: Mud Sweat and Beers Fat Tire Fest 2011


I went, and it was my second race ever, as I have just gotten into the sport mid-summer last year. I was impressed. There were 850+ entrants, a 10 mile(Pale Ale) and a 20 mile(Stout) , a 3 mile(ginger ale) for beginner/younger riders, and for the real young riders, a Root Beer race. It was very well organized, and had many volunteers out on the course, and around the ski resort to help everyone out. It was a great atmosphere. There was a beer tent and pizza, pig roast, BBQ chicken available, and bands. A lot of fun.After the longer races were finished, and most people were enjoying the tent, they ran the Ginger ale and Root Beer Races, an the peanut gallery went nuts for all of the kids crossing the finish line which was cool. So hopefully, there will be some younger generations encouraged to get into this kick A$$ sport. Next year is on May 5th, and I am already planning on attending.

I would just hope that they have a better selection of Beer next year. One of the sponsors is Right Brain Brewery from Traverse City, and they had 4 different IPA’s and an Amber to drink afterwards. And none were very good. Not that I am a "beer snob" or anything, but if they had better beer, I would’ve stuck around longer and given them more of my support(Money), but we left early with prepaid beer tickets, just to get some beers that we didn’t have to choke down.