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"hart0342" wrote

Maddslacker – thanks for the tire tips. Have considered velociraptors, but definately check out the Geax as you say.

jweuk – Ok – I picked One Mile for the only reason that I have no clue where I am going. 😃 I found it and said it was only 12 miles to Crested Butte. I made reservation, but can change them. I am going to take a look and see what I can find off Gothic Rd as you mention. Not sure the area at all so going to do my best to find a spot.

I did see the trail is currently closed and had huge hopes that 401 would be open by June 13. If not I will shoot for the others that you listed. Looks like maps and all are available here so that will give me what I need.

I am throwing my bike, tent and gear in the back of a Honda Civic and making this just a "learn as ya go" trip. Hate to waste too much gas so any other idea you all have would be great.

Thanks again to all for the ideas/direction.


Sorry for the delay. We are finally beginning to warm up but the reality is that the Elks are still buried in snow with the pack well over 100%. It is doubtful anything above Crested Butte will be open by June 13. If you move the trip to mid-July you should be fine but you can expect there will still be some snow. I understand you are looking for electric, have you considered looking at the Crested Butte Hostel? You can get a bed for $25 – $30 and stay right in town.

Or, pick yourself up a converter for your vehicle that will allow you to plug your laptop, etc. directly into your car outlet. I think ours cost around $40. One Mile is in a beautiful area but it will take you, even with Jacks Cabin Cutoff open; 20-30 minutes to get to town.