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My $0.02 is this:

If I was driving 12+ hours on June 13, I wouldn’t hope CB was going to be rideable. Sure, most of the lower trails should be clear but 401 will probably have snow still. Like been said earlier, it’s been a good snow year. That being said, I COULD be totally off-base – I jsut wouldn’t chance it personally.

For the time (almost exactly the same CB vs Fruita), I would go to Fruita/Grand Junction and play on those trails. Moab is only 90 minutes away also…..

Also, you mentioned going to Boulder on your way out….curious as to waht you had in mind there. Boulder is a roadie mecca but, honestly, other than a couple decent trails not really a great place for mtn bikers – much more along the front range (IMO).

Don’t get me wrong – I love CB, I just think your timing is a little early.