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For trail status in the CB area stay tuned to

You should be ok on the 401 in mid-June but you will likely see some wet sections. The trail is high alpine, we have had a great snow year, if we have a wet spring you could run into some issues with closures. Stay tuned to the website and you will get an idea of conditions.

As for other trails in the CB area, there are many. My fav is still Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadmans off Cement Creek. Definitely an epic ride especially if this is your first time in the CB area. You mention 1 mile, is there a reason you chose that campground? It isn’t bad if you want to stay near the Taylor River but it is a bit of distance from it to CB. Did you choose it due to the access to Cottonwood Pass and heading back down to the front range? If not, I would recommend staying closer to CB. In fact, if you choose to do Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadmans head to Cement Creek Campground. If you want to camp closer to 401 head towards Gothic, lots of camping available off Gothic Road. Bike shop, hit Big Als on Elk Ave and get yourself a local trail map (no GPS necessary). Enjoy and stay tuned to cbmba for updates on trail conditions.