Re: Blue Springs, Orange City, Deltona Florida Mtb trail!

"GatorB" wrote

I bailed on the project last month do to the direction the trail was heading. The original trail design was overruled by another larger group of trail builders so the original guy in charge quit and I soon followed. I just got dumbed down and all the elevation changes where bypassed and the direction it was going in was just not my cup of tea. It looks like a golf cart path IMO. Its a shame to because the second half of the property has a elevation change of 80 feet over a 200 yard run. Could have been a nice little down hill run but we could not get enough people to volunteer to keep it aggressive single track. We just got out numbered. 😢

We have been putting in a lot of time out at Doris Leeper aka Spruce Creek and remodeling the trail. We are making the trail flow fast. Fixing all the sand and berming up the corners. Give us a few months and then check it out. 😎

What a shame. I guess I’ll swing by Spruce Creek for my own riding, but I’m sure the girlfriend will like Blue Springs.