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Edited for content!? How many posts on this site are edited for content? If someone disagrees with the wrong person, does their post get edited for content? Is no one allowed to rock the boat?

This is ridiculous. Removing profanity is fine, changing content and formatting without informing the author of the post is disgusting.

If want to censor profanity, put a filter in that won’t allow it to be posted. If you can’t do that, at least remove only the objectionable content. I’m wondering now how many of my other posts have been modified to say something different without my knowledge.

What the moderated sentence should read is "Unless maybe you run [expletive deleted] chinese lights." That has an entirely different meaning than "Unless maybe you run "cheap" lights."

I’d really like to know who edited my post and why they felt it was a good idea to change the meaning of what I said without PMing me or at least putting a quick reply into the thread.

I thought this was a good, well run site, not sure about that any more.