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"maddslacker" wrote

[quote="ltud":2j8bfr3h]A lot of people disagree with my opinion that one really good light on the bars is enough. I even disagreed with the theory of it. But in real world usage, having ridden with my SlickRock on my helmet and on my bars, I can say that it’s location does not affect my riding speed and that I prefer having it on my bars.

Have you actually done a race yet?

Get back to us once you have. 😃

(Hint: racing is totally different than recreational riding) 😉[/quote:2j8bfr3h]
Yup, I pop in my race eyes when I’m racing. They are somewhat less functional than my standard eyes, but they weigh ten grams less each. Totally worth it

Get over yourself. Many factors of racing are different than recreational riding, but how well your light performs is not one of them. Unless maybe you run "cheap" lights.

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