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"brianW" wrote

I have a mininewt 250. been on a few rides. Noticed my average speed went down 2 mph on a trail I know well.

I recently bought a Minewt 250 Wireless and I find that it is adequate for night riding. Mounting it on my helmet, I can see fairly well, but it does slow me down a bit. I wouldn’t use it alone for night racing. It would probably be ok for twilight racing though.

I also have a Slickrock 900, which is phenomenal. With that on my bars, I can ride at the same speed I do in the day. I just can’t look around easily, as I find it too cumbersome to mount on my helmet. It’s a bit heavy, and I don’t like the cord (to the battery) at the back of my head. I also hit my head on branches a lot and it’s an HID (more fragile than LED) light unit, so I really don’t want it getting hit up there.

Looking forward to riding with both lights this season! 😃