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A lot of it has to do with the chainline….Some are better than others. With most FD’s though it is a matter of proper set up and know which gear combinations you can use and which you cannot (not suppose to). In a 3 ring set up it is important to set the limit screws correctly… The middle ring is adjusted solely on cable tension.

The best method to adjust the FD is to have the lower limit set properly so that when you drop into that ring it drops quickly and has about 0.5-1mm spacing from the chain and the cage of the FD (when in the biggest rear cog). Do this adjustment with the cable off.. Then set the upper ring the same way with the limit screw…..
Before attaching the cable, turn in the tension adjuster on the shifting pod all the way in and then 2 1.5 turns out. Then attach the cable but don’t pull it tight when tightening it down.

At this point you can start adjusting tension…Usually do it with a quarter turn on the adjuster at a time in or out depending where it is rubbing…..have the bike in the air and crank while shifting into the middle ring…If it takes to long or not shifting turn out the tensioner quarter turn at a time…If it goes into the middle but then the inner cage is rubbing then there is too much tension (turn the adjuster in)…

This should get you going well.

With a 2X system its a matter of just setting the limits properly.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I had pretty much done all these from instructions culled from the videos I found online.
After various attempts, I found that the position of the FD on the seat tube determined the success of the tuning. Anyone has any suggestions in determining the precise placement? i.e. in moving the FD up & down the tube, how do you determined the best position? Placed too low & you risk hitting the big ring; too high & you can’t shift higher gears etc.
Thanks in advance. Happy riding.