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Glad to see this discussion thread since this is what I am looking into for the next bike.

I am currently riding a 3×8 Giant Yukon disc ’09.
So far I have found it adequate for my riding, but tuning the FD is a major headache!
I have yet to succeed in eliminating the chain rubbing the FD cage at any gear ratio!

Will a 2×10 logically eliminate tuning problems since there is one less ring?
I belong to the "simple is better" side & would stick to hardtails, mechanical disc & lesser gears if it can achieve the same outcome with lesser headaches! Afterall, I’d rather spend 2 hrs riding than 2 hrs trying to get the rubbing chain off the FD.

I am eyeing the 2011 Jamis Durango 3 that is running SRAM X7 3×10; hope to snag a bargain later in the year; or would it be better to run this in 2×10?