Re: Age old questions


If you want to race seriously you need to decide, if you do, you want the lightest thing you can afford.

Carbon is crazy strong when engineered correctly, several companies make carbon DH bikes.

I don’t know why people have this perception that Aluminum is stronger than Carbon. There’s no welds on a carbon bike so there are no weak spots! Think about when an Aluminum bike gets a dent a carbon bike absorbs the same impact, like plastic doors on cars.

If you get a Scott or similar brand, you can completely lockout the suspension for climbs, smooth sections, and sprinting for that podium spot.

Personally FS 29ers are huge bikes, and a lot heavier. If you get a 29er don’t go FS especially for racing.

Look at the pros, they pretty much all ride carbon 26 HT or FS depending on the terrain.