Re: Wissahickon Park

"finmgr" wrote

Are there areas of Wissahickon Park that are more for beginner/intermediate riders. Me and my son went out there a few weeks ago, and it was extreme. If there are better parts of the park for beginner/intermediate, can someone please let us know where the trialheal is, where to park? Thank you.

Hey finmgr – I consider myself more intermediate and actually really prefer Belmont Plateau. There’s no comparison to the amount of trails at Wissahickon, but I like the trails at Belmont much better. Whereas the Wiss offers lots of climbing and TONS of sketchy, rocky trail descents, Belmont has nicely groomed, relatively flowy dirt singletrack with some moderate climbs but nothing compared to Wiss. The guys that maintain Belmont do a fantastic job – just don’t let them catch you skidding. It isn’t easy, but it’s a fun spot where you can also get a good workout. It’s also rarely busy on the weekends to the point that I can bring my dog with me. I don’t usually see more than 3 other people biking so we can both get a good ride in without bothering anyone or being bothered.

Let me know if you’d like more info or if you’d like to catch up for a ride.