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I’m not sure what the Remedy weighed in at, but I do know my EX 9 is 27.8 lbs. I would guess that the Remedy I rode was ~5 lbs heavier and it was obvious. Also the Remedy had wider, nobbier tires at 2.3" as opposed to my 2.1" XC tires I run on my EX. The combination of the weight and tires plus the slacker geometry just made it tough to climb. With the right tires and lighter components on the Remedy I’m certain the tank like feel could be tuned out. Even so I really don’t think that the Remedy in it’s current iteration is as good of an all around trail bike as the EX. The Remedy really feels like a more downhill oriented trail bike.

I had a little bit of that buyers remorse hanging over my head after my EX 9 purchase. The main reason I rented the Remedy for Moab was to really get a feel for what I missed by not getting the Remedy. After spending a couple long days on the Remedy I am incredibly happy about my EX decision. These are just my thoughts and I would expect you would want to demo both bikes before you made a final decision.