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"camair2112" wrote

So much help! Thanks you guys… and yeah I was pulling for the ex all along I just didn’t know if my retarded self would kill it 😀… Now that I know an EX can fare better than I thought I think I will go with the fuel ex 9. And to dozzer: yeah I really like to watch the "bike-to-me" weight ratio, and I’d kill for a carbon frame (who wouldnt haha) and that’s why im going with the ex 9 over the ex 8… a whole pounds difference! And not to mention the fox 32 rlc / deore xt upgrade 😃

I’m not sure how set you are on the XT components, RP23 and RLC fork. You may consider the EX 9.7 it’s about the same price and you get carbon for the main frame, just with lesser components.