Re: The Issue of Hikes vs. Bikes

"trek7k" wrote

[quote="CraigCreekRider":2w2nddp2]I believe in defensive riding – just like you drive a car. Always expect that there’s a horse or hiker around the next bend.


Great point! Turn off the iPod and slow down enough that you can see 5 seconds ahead of you on the trail and run-ins with hikers won’t happen nearly as often. That means slowing down a little extra around blind curves, etc.

There has to be Hiking trails and then seperate mtbing trails, they just don’t mix.
I am not going to slow down while out riding. I ride to progress as a rider, getting better , faster and stronger. And When I’m out hiking, I don’t want to always be listening for riders. They are two very different activities. That way it’s a non issue from the begining. Everyone has a great day.