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"mnetz" wrote

I have a question regarding this also. How hard is it to unclip, say in a "oh shit" situation? Now in my 2nd year back on the bike, I am getting a little faster, and have noticed my feet slipping around a lot on roots and in some of the rock gardens. Been thinking about some clippers but been hesitant just cause I am un-informed! Are they like ski bindings, where you can adjust the tension?

That depends on what brand/model you get, but most are very adjustable. You can set them up so that with the slightest twist you unclip. Also you can get pedals that are platforms on one side and clipless on the other. I used a pair of these for about 6 months before I went fully clipless. It helped me get used to riding and let me use the platforms when I wasn’t confident in my ability to unclip if I needed to bail.