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"ChiliPepper" wrote

[quote="tomemogus":2td52ath]After a mountain biking trip over the weekend my friends and I went into a restaurant to eat… I locked my bike to our car to be safe. While eating someone slashed both of my tires. So I’m looking at some new tires to buy and I saw the great ratings for the WTB VelociRaptors that are 26 X 2.1. My previous tires were Purgatory 26 X 2.2. My question is will it cause problems if I buy the WTB VelociRaptors? Or would it not effect anything? Sorry for the noob questions 😛

Thanks for the help!

No, none at all. If anything, they will have a bit less rolling resistance, but that’s about it besides being a tad bit smaller. The VelociRaptors are great tires all around, as I have been using them on my trail bike for years and know many, many other riders riding on them as well without any negative feedback.

Sorry about the slashed tire thing bro, just pathetic how people are these days. 😠[/quote:2td52ath]

Hey thanks a ton!! So it sounds like it’s a go. Just to be positive, the 22.1 don’t need new rims right?

and thanks for the help 😀