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"SaiyanFury" wrote

[quote="FBTrek321":3gzks0fx]The Xen is awesome, and if you look at the reviews someone posted that it worked great with their stella light

Hmm, couldn’t find the review that spoke about their Stella, but I will certainly will keep the helmet in mind. I just don’t see airholes positioned as I like to mount my light, but I’m sure I can make something work. 😛[/quote:3gzks0fx]

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By: Brian Buerger
February 5, 2010

I have used Hex and upgraded to the Xen. The Xen has more coverage on the back of the head and seems to fit nicer.

Very durable, plan on getting another this spring. The vents are ok, but make perfect placement with a Lights n Motion Stella 200.

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its the first review