Re: Building my own mtb shoes


Thanks for your input everyone!

Perhaps a pair of running shoes might not be the best. I have tennis shoes that are designed to be torsionally strong, which would be a lot better for clipping in and out during an emergency. Unfortunately, the tread on the tennis shoes is worn out, so I can’t use them for tennis anymore, but they are still in great shape. They are addidas barricade IV’s if anyone is curious.

I’m having a little bit of trouble figuring out the parts that I would need to buy…

I found this online, after some searching: … roduct_top
This says Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats, so does that mean it will include cleats? I’m not sure if the clip ins on the pedal are called cleats too.

I also found these cleats, I assume these are what I would need if the pedals don’t include the shoe cleats? … 1&sr=1-265

I’m thinking about how the cleats would mount to the shoe. I definitely agree that it wouldn’t be very smart to just screw in the cleat into the rubber of the sole. I’m thinking that I could

1) Get the shoe, take out the insole
2) Then drill 2 holes in the bottom
3) Then put the head-side of flathead bolts in the bottom of the shoe
4) Then put washers to give the cleat clearance
5) Then put the cleat on
6) Finish the assembly with some lock-nuts and some loc-tite

What do you guys think? Would the bolt/nut assembly hold well?

I also found a picture that’s helping me sorta understand what a practical barebones shoe setup would look like:

Of course, I’m not interested in making a sandal shoe, but my goal is to get the sole to look something like that at the end of this.