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Thanks to both of you for the encouragement! I did eventually get up the balls to join the Hampshire 100. Im still pretty nervous but I think my body is ready, and ive had very good training days in the past week or two. Im really seeing an improvement in my muscle conditioning, i think in large part to the long distances I do one or twice a week on the road…

"Yep, quit being scared, if you’re really riding 60-200 miles a week (which is a lot by the way, how many hours would you say you’re on the bike everyweek?), you can do a 100k."

To answer your question I try to do 1-3 hours per workout, usually closer to 1.5 hours with atleast one day a week (usually a sat/sun) where I do 3-5 hours at a slower pace. Typically I take 1-2 days off per week. I am beginning to add a little more stationary bike training in. I find that when i am riding on trails I naturally push my pace a little harder than I maybe should, so when im stationary im really trying to focus on a steady pedal pace to work on my flexibility and general conditioning over a long period of time.

…so needless to say im anxious to get the race done on the 22nd to get this under my belt. One of the many things I will be focusing on throughout the race is my pace. I think it will take a few miles to adjust to but mentally I need to be as ready as I can for the 62 continuous miles. I dont want to get to excited at the start of the race and hit the wall at the 40 mile mark. We’ll just have to see what happens…. Thanks again!