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Fox and Dakine gloves ROCK!!! i have fox airline, dirtpaw and 360 gloves, and a pair of step ups that i got for next to nothing.

im a huge fan of fox, i think the stuff looks great, and pretty much everything i’ve gotten from them holds up awesomely. lately i have been using Thor stuff, i used to wear Thor MX gear, and my godfather sent me some MX gear recently and i liked it so much on a DB i wore it on the MTB and if anyone is looking for awesome gloves that arent hot and offer great protection the Thor Phase glove and the Thor A/C gloves.

i usually rock the phase gloves, but the AC gloves is the the "coolest" glove around, and still protects pretty well if you have to bail.

sorry for it being so long, i think gloves are one of the most important things you can wear, its hard to live everyday life without your hands, and i have crashed and had to not use my hands because they were all scraped up so, i’ve spent a lot of time finding out what gloves are best. hence having so many pairs. 😄 😄 😄