Re: Mountain Bike Hater Taken into Custody


This story, to me, just goes to show how important it is to mark ALL trails.

Here in British Columbia, it’s pretty rare to find trails that arn’t marked stating the usage of the trail. If the trails are not marked, they are usually an animal trail that has been widened out by hikers and riders or fishers and hunters even. So if it’s not marked, well you can come across anything and expect anything.

I didn’t read the blog, but I did read the paper story and the comments on that, who were mostly hikers who are not fans of mtbers. This bring me back to why it’s so important to post to usage purposes of all trails at trail heads and intersections. I understand that all municipallities and counties don’t want to fund projects like this but that’s were local cycling groups and outdoor groups come into play.

Even riding on multipurpose trails, when we come up on hikers, dog walkers and so on, I have never been cused out or yelled at. It’s usually a nod and a smile and carry on. Even if you roll up on them with alot of speed unexpectidly ,it’s a round of sorrys from both party’s and carry on. I’ll get flamed on this but I think alot of this has to do with where in the world you are. Some parts of the world just breed people how get it more than others.( reacreation use of land )

We also have a local frizbee golf course that is full of bike trails, no problems. Sure we joke about "if you hit one it’s a birdie" But we gladly share the land.

On a side note, what enviromentalist walks around with a hand saw?