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I ride a Specialized FSR Stumpy 29er. While I happen to be one of those "Big guys" at 6’5 I ride with a guy who is about 5’9 or so, We went out about 6 months ago and he was riding a really cool Carbon frame no name he built up by himself, I wanted to give it a try so we jacked the seat up and I rode it down the trail a piece. Of course he wanted to try the 29er. So we dropped my seat and he took off down the trail too. I thought he was never going to come back. He comes back about 30 min later and appologiozed. He said he was having a blast and didn;t want to stop.

The point being is that the "smaller guys" love them just as much as us bigger guys do. He said it was unbeleivebale how stable he felt cause he was in the bike.

My advice…. Go FS Go 29! As far as popping he wheel over a curb? Just ride over it. Cause you can!