Re: Rant on prices of new bikes

"ChiliPepper" wrote

[quote="nanook":3j52wdlj][quote="garbanzo":3j52wdlj]Riding, Riding, Riding it fully consumes me, but if I’m looking at 7 grand to replace 2 of my bikes, My bmx is fine, then I might get bumped out of the sport.

So… just curious, but why are you replacing 2 of your bikes? I agree, a lot of new bikes are very spendy. In this economy (and on a teacher’s salary), I certainly will not be purchasing a new bike any time soon. I’m just going to maintain and ride what I have at the moment.[/quote:3j52wdlj]
He was just using a two bike scenario to make his point if he ever did have to replace them at one point. Unfortunately, the discipline riding we do (FR, Gravity, Big-Hits) causes a lot more wear and tear on our frames and components on a regular basis. Stress fractures/cracks are common on our disciplined bikes due to the beating they do receive, so maintaining the frames and or keeping them in tip top shape can be futile at times, especially if you are an aggressive rider. Yes, I would rather buy a used bike over a new one any day, but purchasing a used gravity/FR/big-hit bike you are taking greater chances than purchasing a new one. Unfortunately new ones are rather expensive, though they due have some lower cost rigs too, but far and few. Not every one can afford to just dish out $3,000 you know, which is the lower end of our riding realm. Ya know what I mean bro? 😃[/quote:3j52wdlj]

There we go, I wish I could still ride a cheap bike and get away with it, but that’s just not the case. curse progression 😆

Not to sound like a " I’m a pro " But ya the lower end bikes, witch are still not cheap by any means, just don’t cut it. It’s like the old saying " Bringing a knife to a gun fight "