Re: Rant on prices of new bikes

"Goo" wrote

[quote="garbanzo":3e36ixvg]So yesterday, I had the morning off of work and decided that I was gonna drive around to all of the different bike shops, local and not so local.

I was completly blown away at how much the price’s have gone up.

I won’t mention any names because they are great product, but wow!

I was primarly looking to replace my hardtail, thinking $800 would be enough for a solid ride. I was very wrong. It was more like $1400 for a good solid hardtail with mechcanical disc brakes. And the Bike I really wanted was $2200. It wasn’t made out of carbon fibre or kevlar or bamboo and I would still have to pedal the thing.

And then there are the downhill bikes. This is where I get, well, aggrivated. For a solid downhill bike they now want 5 GRAND before tax. WHAT!!!!!! This was consistant in all shops. $4500 – $5500 or you kiddin’ me !!!

When I first got into downhilling about 3-4 years ago $2500 – $ 3000 was the top of line bike, how dose that double to 5 grand.

I love riding. Riding to work, and then on the way home take the long route. Riding dirt jumps. Riding gingerly withe the wife and kids. Riding , Riding, Riding it fully consumes me, but if I’m looking at 7 grand to replace 2 of my bikes, My bmx is fine, then I migjht get bumped out of the sport.

I need riding, without I get very irratated, and become a very grumpy man.

Ok I think i’m done………. yup


Hey Jason,

I’m going to try to write an in-depth blog about this sometime in the next day or two, but I’m out in california right now at sea otter riding bikes for this new brand named Airborne.

(yes, there used to be an old airborne, but they are related in name only)

Having just launched an entire new line of mountain bikes on Thursday, the philosophy behind the company is pretty simple:
They are striving to make quality mountain bikes at prices that your average person can afford.

This is a philosophy that I can stand behind! I have never had enough money to buy a $5,000 wonder bike, and you know what? There’s a chance that I never will. Airborne is striving to make bicycles that perform well at a reasonable price.

After having put over 50 miles on all but one of the models, I have to say that I think they’re succeeding.

For more info on the bikes and prices, check out

If you have any questions, feel free to ask![/quote:3e36ixvg]

The way I saw it was, one of the shops that I went to, Is a locally made bike shop. So you would thing it would be a little cheaper. The are one of the more expensive around, sure there are well made made but…..

I’ll give you an example of what I would like to see more of.
Here in Whistler we have a local snowboard shop who makes there boards in the first level of the shop, and the showroom is upstairs.

There you can walk in, Talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. You can get a custom made board, and I mean full custom. The cost is about 60% of any other ,run of the mill, board of the shelf in regular shop. Why because it’s made inhouse. Quality is top notch, I have 2 of them.

This is what I want from a bike Shop.

All I want is a well made bike that dosn’t cost more that my wifes truck.

Again, this is a rant thred, i’m not trying to change the world.