Reply To: Rant on prices of new bikes

"MTNBKE92" wrote

[quote="garbanzo":9dts5h60]I understand inflation, But this is out out of control. There is no way they can justify charging over $5000 for an aluminum, bicycle.

The one shop had a Yamaha dealership next door, had to walk past it to get to and from my parking spot. They had last years 125’s for the same price as a xc hardtail ?!!!!! Blow me !!!

How have dirt bikes become cheaper than pedal bikes ?

i completely agree with you. a bike with pedals shouldn’t cost more than a bike with an engine. but when it comes down to it you get what you pay for.
that’s why i’m still riding my $50 bike :/[/quote:9dts5h60]

I wish I could get away with riding a cheaper bike, but The trails in my neck of the woods would crumble it within 100 yards.