Reply To: Buying a bike online?

"Vtolds" wrote

[quote="Martino0626":2gsdmq2w][quote="Vtolds":2gsdmq2w]Nothing is free, the cost of the tuneups is included in the slightly higher price. For the price his LBS wants to sell a Stumpjumper comp he can get this … team_x.htm. Look at the Specialized site, they are selling it for 150 or so more dollars than Specialized Suggested retail price. … temId=9247


You gotta read the fine print…Specialized doesnt ship online orders unless you are an authorized dealer. I bought online for my first and I truly regret it. I had to mend some fences at the LBS but after buying a set of $900 wheels all was well again(and other countless items).[/quote:2gsdmq2w]

Did I say something about ordering online from Specialized?[/quote:2gsdmq2w]
I scored poorly in reading comprehension