Reply To: Buying a bike online?


Well I bought my bike online because i wanted a bike that performs like its $2500, but only costs half that. It sounds like you’re thinking the same way…

Things to consider:
Does it come with the original warranty?
Are you going to have the money to get it tuned up every so often? because you wont get those free tune-ups that most bike shops give you.
Is it a trustworthy dealer? I would email them and ask for specific pictures of your bike. And make sure they will help you out in case something happens during shipping, or just isn’t right with the bike.
Is the bike going to fit right?

I personally drove 45 minutes away to the closest bike shop that was selling the one i was looking at online to find out what size i wanted, then went straight home and bought it online for $1000 less.

It has huge advantages if you know what you want.