My bike life


Started out with a steel GT Talera about 20 years ago. Spent 400 bucks and thought it was too much. Bike lasted for a million miles with some replacement parts. I finally traded up for a Rockhopper with a front shock. Within a year I moved up again to a FS HiFi. I just built my new Niner WFO for just over $4000 this year!! So, my experience is that as your skills improve you realize the bike has to improve also.
People who buy WalMart Bikes have WalMart skills. I don’t EVER snob at someone who is TRYING. I’ll stop say Hi and talk up the sport. Maybe that’s all they can afford. I’m blessed every time I bomb down the mountain on this rig. I always offer to let people try it out too. That’s right, hand over the Walmart special, I’ll spin it for a while. It reminds me that I’ve come a long, long way from jumping that GT off curbs in college.
As for "snobs" I’ve never met one on the trail.