Re: Downieville

"abegold" wrote

It has what you want. Numerous trails, lodging and a big MTB culture.
You could shuttle the downhills, 5000′ descents. Then go over to the Lakes Basin and the South Yuba Trail.
Another option would be Tahoe. At South Lake Tahoe, you could stay in town and hit the Tahoe Rim Trail, Mr Toads Wild Ride and much more.

No single destination has what I want. Single destinations are everywhere. The idea is a trip where we travel to a [i:1ht43kbv]new [/i:1ht43kbv]destination each day like one of the hut systems, only with a hotel as the end of day destination. The journey adds a sense of adventure that you can never achieve by staying within walking distance of your home base.

The biggest issue I’m having is locating legal trails to use. There are trails all over the Eldorado Forest connecting suitable destinations, but most are not legal for bikes.