Reply To: MR2 spyder bike rack

"ChiliPepper" wrote

[quote="fat_boy":wzkz0yv1]My photography skills are lacking. There is actually two mounting rods(one near each bike wheel). If you look carefully at the third pic you can see both of them. The fourth pic is just a close up of one mounting rod.

yes i will be at the hash saturday night. btw, any ideas on how to get xmas lights on a bike?

Damn bro, its not your photography skills, I just cannot see. I now see the two bolts where I thought you said you were going to mount them a while back. Do you think they are going to be strong enough, especially compared to the actual square insert that hold those carriers to the receiver hitch? Just curious.

As per the lights, just hang them to your bike, and then plug them up to Dirtweed to juice them up for a while. I was going to hang my chili pepper lights on my rig, but i am not sure the weather is going to hold out bro. They are calling for 60% showers that evening. That would be a bummer. You do know that they are going to be bar hopping as well? Anyways, nice set-up bro! Been doing any riding?[/quote:wzkz0yv1]

The rack is more solid than it looks and was made to hold 2 bikes, but I will use a nylon webbing strap from the top tube of the bike and hook it to my engine hood to ensure wind does not cause too much of a bending moment on the mounting rods, bumper or the rack itself. This way the mounting rods will mostly be supporting just the weight of the bike and rack which they will do easily.

I don’t think i am going to bother with lights bc I spent most of my play money getting the new rack together. Oh yes, i know about the bar hopping and am looking forward to it. I don’t mind rain as long as its not cold. Rain+cold=suck. This week is my final exam week so I have only been riding urban around my house 2-3 times a week. The cool thing is since the semester is over I have plenty of free time to bike until next semester starts up again in January.