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"CraigCreekRider" wrote

[quote="bigguarddaddy":318uwbhm]hey all , old guy new to mtn biking.just traded my trek madone 4.5 roadie for a titus racer x fs. any ideas on how to train for the trails would be greatly appreciated. also any one who rides in central ny who would like to hook up for a ride and help teach an old dog some new tricks that would be great to . happy trails 😼

Welcome to the formum bigguarddaddy and welcome to the dirt. Quite a few of us old dogs around here. 😆 Funny, the best riders in my area ride both road and MTB. Those guys smoke me on the longer climbs. I’m hoping to get a road bike by spring to mix it up some and help with my endurance. On MTB, the short steeps might be a little steeper than you are used to and the number of miles you ride will be a lot less (but harder). You should do fine though. Hope you have as much fun as I have. 😃[/quote:318uwbhm]

"CCR" (pun intended 😏 ) said it right…

I have said this before but…. I find that the two sports compliment eachother VERY well. The road riding helps train you to KEEP PEDELING and the Mountain Biking gives you strenght in your core more so than the road riding. I ride about 60% road and 40% Mtn. When I started mtn. biking my climbing ability on the road went up significantly on the steeper climbs.

Pedel hard my Friend