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No I am not spamming to bring some post forward. I just thought it would be cool to be able to see the history of the saga…

So I have now been in Mexico City for about 4 1/2 Months. I managed to procure a pretty cool bike that lets me do some road riding AND off road riding. I bought a cyclocross bike. Giant TCX 1. VERY cool ride if you can only have one bike and want to do road AND some trail riding. I have hooked up with a local guy who takes me to the safe places to get my ride on! (Plus he has a Hot Female friend that likes to come along and ride!) LOL 😉 😉

Mexico city is suronded by 16,000 ft Plus peaks so climbing is a necessity and DH is… Well Read on.

I have found two cool spots to do some mountain biking. But one in particular struck my interest that some of you FR and DH guys will like. Just SW of the city is a peak called AJUSCO. We went there to do some offroad climbing. STRAIGHT UP I might addd with no real releif on a cyclocross bike was challenging. I made it but not without thinking my heart was coming out of my chest. The top is probably 15,500′ or so. O2 is a little scarce!

While in the parking lot of the park I started noting SERIOUS DH rigs. I mean with all the travel you can manage. Well they were all jumping in the back of trucks that were taking them to the top and apparently there are some WORLD CLASS DH trails bermed and everything on the way down. Apparently they are pretty awesome because this Sunday there were hundreds of guys with every rig you could imagine (Including some that looked like they were home made) dressed out with full face helmets, shin and chest gaurds goggles the works.

Me personnaly being an XC kind of guy stayed on the milder trails. Maybe one day I will be back and rent one of those Giant Glory rigs they had and give my adrenlin a rush!

By the way, The other place is more West of the City called "Desieto de Los Leones"

So if you find yourself in Mexico City Get your Lungs acclimated to the elevation and go get some Mexican Thills.

See you on the trails