Reply To: New Rider Suggestions?

"steve32300" wrote


Welcome Baumer to you and your brother,wish my brother would get into mtn biking like me,he has a stupid band he wont let go of,hahahaha,nough said.

Take a look at this performance bike store link,it is the Fort Worth location and for new bike’s and smaller budgets like your’s,they actually have some pretty good deals in your ballpark.Of course,dont forget to look at used bike’s,you just might be able to find a higher end full suspension for $800.If you guys want to tackle ALL kinds of trail terrain,then you should concentrate on gettin into full suspenension rigs.Of course,beginner’s have a tendancy to start out on hard tails which aint a bad thing,although full suspension bike’s are the norm these day’s with the technology trickle down effect,there are full suspension bike’s to be had at just about any price.Also,watch out for what type/brand of suspension comes with the bike(s) you are looking at.There are some low end suspension stuff you dont want to waist your monet on,like the dart series forks.
Even if you dont buy your bike’s at the performance store,you should look into getting your helmets and accessories here,they pretty much have sale’s on everything all the time,and if they dont,they will in the near future.
I’m sure there will be more reply’s to your post,but I gotta get for now,look forward to seeing you here on singleltracks.


Thank you for posting. I just went up to this store and talked to the guys up there, very helpful. I was wondering what anyone thought of the Access bikes with juicy brakes and the sram 9.7 triggers and gears. its a 29" for 800. What do you all think of this bike.