Reply To: Photo posting issues

"trek7k" wrote

[quote="GoldenGoose":1nbm1obd]When I link an image from my photobucket account, does it shrink it for me or does it have the full size image there too?

On the forums we use javascript to resize pics to fit the page. You may have noticed the layout shifts and pics get smaller after the page loads.[/quote:1nbm1obd]

Key is ‘after the page loads.’ 😀
Those "monster files" linked from an external site can really dramatically increase the time a forum thread takes to load. It’s not a huge deal with good broadband (stress on good,) but with a spotty connection; well…

If the software you’re using is cumbersome, there are some free resizers. I just checked out picturetray and after a test drive, I may actually keep it for quick resizes for places like this, as it consolidates the outputs into one folder (defaults to the installation location) while accepting ins from all over the place. Much quicker than my current software and does it all in a single shot rather than the multiple converts I currently have to do if I’m going from more than one location (we store pics by date.)

Can’t vouch for the safety of the file, but norton 360 didn’t gripe about the site or the software, so… 😎

And finally, as to the question of a plugin to automatically resize (on the client browser side) on the fly; No luck so far searching for that. Found a bunch of photoshop plugins, but nothing for browsers.