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"spazjensen" wrote

i’ve come across people like that before on the trail. there was this guy on the trail (flat rock, ga) he is a jogger and is taking his breather, or rest or what ever, but he is right in the middle of the trail which is a drop off on one side and a wall on the other side (trail dug into hillside). I say excuse me so that I could maybe go walk by (slowing down as i come closer). he stubbornly, and blaintly stands in the same spot stands up straight, and looks me in the eye………………….since we are talking about stupid here, i’m 280 lbs., i’m on a bike that’s rolling, there is a steep drop off for a long ways down, he is about 5’4" and i would say about 160-170. in a head on collsion who would you think win the crash???……..stupid in my opinion…………..So i stop out of respect and manner. He proceeds to tell me that bikers are not allowed on this trail, it is for walkers only (all this in a loud demanding barking tone) and that need to turn the way that cam from and head back the truck and leave. This trail system is one that i helped create. It was created for trail riders, by trail riders. I know who ain’t allowed and is allowed. Walkers/joggers are allowed, but only so that the city would let us build these trails in the city park (its a big park, lotsa land). The trailhead sign tells people that bikers have the right of way out here. He disagrees with me on that. I just ignored him and shoved my way past him and continued on the trail how i was.

So i feel ya man

That’s funny. I guess he was lucky you were in a peaceful mood. Why do some hikers have to be so anal and think they own the trail and no one else should dare to disturb them? What’s even worst is when some knucklehead on a mt bike which should know better decides to stop and work on his bike in the middle of the trail right at the bottom of a huge and gnarly, rutted, washed out, hold on for dear life drop. I nearly took a bad spill because of some tool like that. He did say sorry, but I was too mad and kept riding because I wanted to educate him in a violent manner.