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[quote="decker1x":3i09b2xf]ok i just took a ride up the hill behind my house and wow thats a workout! its actually a pretty cool has 7 different trails,some steep and some not so steep.when i got to the top i was dead! at least the ride down was easy.i think i got myself a good little workout hill,its a two minute ride from my garage to the bottom of the hill.

SWEET! My whole back yard is a hill and I would be more than willing to carve trails all over it but my wife just ain’t feeling it. Between the monster hill and all the trails running out to your dad’s place, it sounds like you have a great place to sharpen up. What’s Temecula like? Is it desert or forest or what?[/quote:3i09b2xf]yeah its pretty cool here, i live 30 mins from the beach and 40 mins from the mountains.Temecula is getting to be a pretty big city but the outskirts are desert.