Reply To: Intense Tracer help needed

"element22" wrote


For the Tracer you have a 1 1/8th headset not a onepointfive. When it came out in 2003 (6 years ago) it was a decent bike, However you really should check out the pivots and the condition before you purchase. You should also contact Intense to see if they have parts avaliable for that model year otherwise you will be out of luck soon after.

For the other parts I wouldn’t waste your time…Too old. you can get better at a reasonable price at a store like Pricepoint or Jenson…Specially around this time of year.

Thanks for the insight, I like the Tracer’s rear suspension but I’m going to wait till I find Stumpjumper. I went to Intense’s website and their phone number isn’t even there. I didn’t like what I read about their customer service.