Reply To: New to biking


Hello…I’m new to the sport as well and I know the wide selection of bikes can be a bit daunting.
I bought a Specialized Hardrock disc and have been very happy with it so far. I’ve taken it down some fairly rough, if not overly technical, trails here in North Carolina and it has been awesome. I paid 470 bucks which was about as low a price as I could find for a bike with a disc brake, which is a must if you want to stop in the mud or the wet.
$500 was at the top of my price range, though. Another bike I saw that really impressed me with its features and quality workmanship was the Giant Rincon. It was only about $100 more and most of the components were an upgrade from the Hardrock, so it seemed like a good deal. I’m just going to have to get a piece here and there and hot rod it myself.
Have fun.