Reply To: Good freeride bike for cheap?

"ChiliPepper" wrote

BTW, doing any DH racing with that Banshee? Got to throw in a pic of that monster.

I know, I need to get some pics but I have no camera. I am heading out west to Utah and Co as soon as my job ends (construction) in around a month so I will def. get a camera for that.

I have never raced, I have been thinking about giving it a shot. I run a 24" back wheel which isnt the best for DH, but thats the way its been since I bought it so Im used to it and love it.

Not to take over this thread, but I notice you live in the SE, have you been to Windrock? I have heard it is good but you need to shuttle and I havent found anyone to make the trip. Just wondering how good it is. Surprised it is not reviewed on here. I would be very interested in making that trip.

Also, one more note….I am going to Utah/CO solo so if you or anyone you know wants to go out there in late August or September I would be down to ride, I may come off as a A-hole on here but really Im a pretty easy going person.