Some more blues


Thanks for all the comments. I just finished my 3rd race: 24 miles, 11,000 ft and two flat tires later, I’m starting to get an idea of what I need to do.

1. I have a single 32 ring up front, and am changing that to a triple (for the granny mostly). I can’t keep a good cadence up long hills.

2. I need to eat more during long rides/races, and eat right days before the race.

3. I need to do more base-mile training (zone 2).

4. Stop ‘hatin’ and start ridin’

These are some of the things I see popping up in articles that I’ve read concerning some of the problems I’m running into.
I’ll check out the link to this topic too! Thnx.
m 😃 😃 😃