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"ChiliPepper" wrote

[quote="aL1":9ws5k47p]I never heard about Markham (but I did now), and only recently heard about Oleta…I’ll have to get down there one day….I’m in the WPBch area…

Markham is a pretty explosive place to ride and tops the best three rides in FL, behind Alafia (#2) and Santos (#1), but is ranked #1 in south FL. Oleta (FL Sate Park) is a pretty good place to ride, but does not offer such technical & freeriding terrain as Markham Park. I think that Amelia Earnhart Park (Hialeah, FL) is near you, and it offers some nice singletrack as well. Anyways, I wish you the best riding bro and I hope you get the opportunity to ride at least Markham Park.

Keep it real and ride hard![/quote:9ws5k47p]