Re: Sportypal Android

"Georgetr" wrote

Hi Mitch_A,

Thank you for info about Sportypal. I saw your workouts on Sportypal’s web. They are great, you really know to choose the track. I’m prety new in mountain biking and for now I’m just taking the dust near the river :-(.

Any way I installed Sportypal on my G1, here is my workout:

I believe we, especially you can contribute to share the interesting trial maps. Yesterday we needed specialized GPS equipment for that, right now just "simple" phones.


Here in California we may be about broke but at least we got some great trails to choose from out of the deal before the money ran out 😀

Yes, our devices have reached amazing tech heights in just a ffew short years. I’m looking forward to trying out Android when a version is available for flashing my phone.

Cheers M8