Reply To: Another newcomer looking for advice


Thanks for the replies! This is definitely one of the friendliest and helpful forums I’ve been on!

I have looked at the reviews on the reviews page and I’ve been looking around elsewhere besides Honestly I’ve only been skimming though most of it…

Today, I found another bike shop close to where I work. They seemed a bit more helpful and determined that a 15" frame fits me better (I guess I have short legs?:roll: ). The bike was a Gary Fisher Wahoo priced $659 (same as shop #1).

I liked the Wahoo. It may have been the fact the frame size fit me better, but it seemed like a more solid ride than the RockHopper. After going off some curbs and through a bit of grass, I noticed less rattling from the rear sprocket area (apologies for any incorrect terminology! 😎 ). They have a 15" Marlin in stock they want to build and have me try out tomorrow.

One question I have is; What differences should I look for in the Marlin vs. Wahoo? I know they have different brakes and upgraded shifters, but I’m trying to determine if the upgraded parts are worth the $150 extra.

I’m hoping any knowledge gained from testing these two bikes will help me when I try out some of the other bikes I mentioned. I’ll be sure to give the Cannondales a try and I’d like to go try a 15" RockHopper to see if that makes a difference.