Reply To: Rock Shox bottoming out on top of the tire, help needed


Hi Steve, the upper fork legs were not flush with the fork crown. They were actually above the fork crown by about 1/4". Take a look a this picture and you will be able to see what I mean. … e90f_o.jpg

When The fork legs were lowered I had enough clearance so that the fork would not bottom out on the top of the tire.

I have not fully learned how these works myself. Filling them with air is like filling a basketball with air, or so I’m told. However with these, the air rushes out of the fill valve which is located in the middle of the index adjuster knob. Funny thing, if I cover the fill valve opening with my thumb for a second after removing the air needle, then remove my thumb, the air does not escape nearly as fast. Moreover, after replacing the fill valve screw, and then removing the screw the next day, the air does not readily rush out. I have to insert the air needle to depressurize the shock. Go figure! I need to get in touch with someone that has actually used, and knows how this fork should work. The people that I spoke with at Sram are too young. This fork was before there time.
Ask, and I will try to answer any questions.
Thanks again,